Critical Defense

The mission of Critical Defense is to identify the security risks to your business and recommend mitigation measures that will reduce the risks to an acceptable level. We are committed to developing an unbiased comprehensive plan on securing our customer's future.

Our Philosophy:

We believe in a well-rounded holistic approach to security as a risk management process that can be communicated in your terms... dollars.  Considering the three major facets of security at your company: information technology, operational policies, and physical security, we will provide your organization with an assessment of your complete security posture and recommend mitigation measures to make it solid with sound policies, systems, and continual security awareness training.

We take an active role in support of our government's war on terrorism and in adopting new laws and attitudes regarding security and safety.

Our central goal is no different than yours... to contribute to a growing economy while protecting our right to privacy and  safety.


He is best secure from dangers who is on his guard even when he seems safe.
- Sryus Publilius

Providing security risk management services to any organization that has assets to protect.

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